Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Iliad is an interactive project developed by Santiago Ortiz (@moebio) to navigate through the epic poem of Homer using a Stream and a Network.

Homer’s epic contains huge complexity: Gods, Achaeans and Troyans interact and clash following their very different motivations…meanwhile a ten-years war seems to be close to its end. This project explores these complex relations and how they change through the 24 books that conforms this great poem.

At Bestiario we have been working hard the last few months in developing Quadrigram, a revolutionary tool designed to acquire, manage and visualize any kind of information. We are pleased to announce the release of the beta version of Quadrigram in a few weeks and we are also convinced that will delight all those who have the opportunity to use it. Quadrigram is the solution for any individual or organization that works intensively with information. It provides tools to formulate and answer questions with a wide variety of datasets and visual means.

Interactive map of the drug war in Mexico is a project by Diego Valle-Jones (@diegovalle) that compares data of Total Homicides and Drug War-Related Homicides in Mexico from 2004 to 2010. The project consists of a map showing the numbers of homicides in 2004, 2007 and 2010 in all Mexican cities, as well as layers with information about areas with seizures of marijuana, poppy, 2d density synthetic drug laboratories and roads used for drug trafficking. It also contains a graph showing temporal series of homicides and homicides related to drug war at any selected city on the map. Diego used the following set of technologies to make the project: Protovis, R, CartoDB, Fusion Tables, Color Brewer, Hogan.js and Google Directions.