Monthly Archives: July 2012

TuneMap is a tool for music browsing based on geolocation. It was developed by Guillermo Malón (@Guiller), Juan Pablo Carrascal (@jpcarrascal) and me during the 2012 Barcelona Music Hack Day. It uses Echonest’s and Deezer’s APIs for obtaining artists’ information and music previews. Maps were taken from Open Street Maps, styled by Stamen and and information overlay was provided by Leaflet.

TuneMap’s basic working principle is simple. Let’s suppose you are curious about how bands from some place (ie. a city) in the world sound like. So you can use the menus to select a country and then a city in that country. You will obtain a list of artists/bands from that city. Then you can browse those artists’ discography and listen to previews of their songs. If you have a Deezer account and you are currently logged, you can listen to the whole songs.