Monthly Archives: March 2013

Andy Kirk, from Visualising Data has launched a very interesting initiative called “data visualisation census” which aims to build a census of people interested in data visualization. During one week, people form all over the world have completed and returned their responses.

I have done some visualizations with the answers available from March 19th to March 24th (the last day to send results is March 26th).

After downloading the answers, I cleaned rows without data, reconciled “city” and added “country” variable and geographic coordinates of the city.  I used MS Excel, Google Refine and  a batch geocoder.

Once I had one file with cleaned answers and another with geographic coordinates, I merged and did some graphs them using R

The resulting file can be downloaded here.

Check out an interactive version here

Some headers in the resulting file may need an extra explanation:

– month_int =  month of the year when became interested in data visualization

– year_int = year when became interested in data visualization

– last column = time when the survey was received.