Q2 2015

I’ve been out for a long time. This year is being crazy, changing job, city, teaching and a lot of hard work.

I’ve also changed my tech stack in the recent months moving back to Linux and focusing more in Python than R.

So many changes have stopped me of doing my usual personal projects, so I do not have much to show, but I can tell you briefly the things that got my attention in the last months:

  • A lot of scraping (edans.com, forbes.com……) with both Python & R
  • Network tables generation (pair tables and property nodes tables using R)
  • Hell a lot of data visualization using the new version of our software Quadrigram
  • Data models for our projects at Bestiario
  • Learning about interesting projects developed using Python and which are under my areas of interest, such as Cubes (OLAP)

I hope to share with you some of these works and hopefully in the near future to be able to post more frequently.